Sound post production month!

We had our hands full doing audio post-production work for remarkable projects in the past few weeks.

  • The documentary “Moustafa & Maram” directed by Malcolm St-Pierre is one of them. A touching story about an Egyptian-American father and daughter in New York City that made its way winning Remi Award at the WorldFest – Houston International Film Festival, the oldest Independent film festival in the world!
  • We also had the pleasure to work with Sundance and SXSW award-winning director Anna Samo on her latest short film “Conversations With a Whale,” an animation about rejection and self-acceptance using unconventional techniques such as stop motion, cut out, pixilation and dry pastel drawing.
  • The comedy series “The Communist’s Daughter” by director Leah Cameron currently airing on CBC Gem also features sound design and foley created by the STAMP team. Available to stream online on